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Reiki and Transformational Therapy

helping you clear your pathways - inside and out

Pat Fletcher


After 6 weeks of suffering with a constant migraine headache, I started talking to Pat Fletcher. The hospital team and my local GP had no clear answers as to why I had come away from a basic hospital procedure left suffering with a constant searing head pain.


Pat's treatment got me looking deeply into my own life state and analysing the deeper, hidden psychology that was contributing to my condition. Pat used this information skilfully to formulate a treatment plan that fully complemented and, in my view, was more beneficial than the medication being prescribed for me by my GP.  I fully recommend Pat's treatment methods that go far beyond treating just your current situation, but also make you think about considering helpful adjustments to your life holistically. 

 - Laurie, Totnes

… I definitely felt much more relaxed post treatment… I will continue to be strong yet relaxed and at ease with both feet grounded on the floor and can start to let go and rid myself of the unwanted debris of life. 

Pat will tailor a treatment to meet your specific needs… I would recommend Pat very highly having seen many different practitioners during my lifetime…

- Madi, Nottingham 

Pat certainly lives up to her claim to be an intelligent, constructive game-changer as she understood the problem I was facing and quickly came up with a solution which points the way forward and has re-motivated me to make the most of what I have to offer

- Martin D, Nottingham

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