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About Pat

Transformational Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

Pat Fletcher, Reiki and Holistic Energy Practitioner

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, I’d say my profile photo speaks more like a gazwillion. That’s how many would be needed to tell you about me… the good news is – I shan’t.


My therapies are all about you, your life and doing all I can to help you live your best life possible. After all, that is what you are paying me for! And it’s true, I really do want you to live your best life possible. Your body to be a healthy, happy and natural, your mind to be sharp and on the ball, your spirit to be sparkling throughout, your relationships to just work really well and for you to be nourished from the inside out and throughout. However, I understand it might help for you get know a little about me, so, here is how I got here:


For half my life I muddled through, unknowingly on course in a life of self-rediscovery. From working in a greengrocers to becoming a Financial Controller in the Australian bush and all phenomenal points in between, it has been quite the adventure. Thirty years later, I’m beginning to cherish, relish and be nourished by the fruits of my labours. I am myself and, for the most part, I like myself. People seem to like having me around and on the whole, call me a good egg.


You see, no matter what, I have a caring heart… + 

My spiritual awakening happened about 12 years ago in the middle of nowhere… the Pinnacles in Australia. Four years later Reiki happened. It had been tapping me on my shoulder a few times here and there, I was in a different space. After my sister died it reintroduced itself in a flurry of OMG this has my name written all over it! Veronica told me once she was a Reiki Master but hadn’t said any more about it. As an able doer, I stepped in to make it my own.  For me Reiki is relaxing, healing, rebalancing, energising, revitalising ...gorgeous. 

Since then, yes, my life’s rollercoaster has been testing, challenging, wild and downright difficult at times. Grief, active total life transformation, menopause and a whole heap of stuff to tease out and resolve all played its part… and yet…


Needless to say there are many forces at work way beyond my ken, forces that quite bizarrely have my back and keep me on the straight and narrow, whilst providing space to live in this world, all its delights and horrors.


It is now without doubt a soul-nourishing life, for my mind, body, spirit and soul and Living First, its Transformational therapy with Reiki at its core emerged out of this weirdly bizarre wonderfulness.

Now I want you to live your best life possible. Yes, despite the masks, the restrictions and everything else that might be on the horizon to halt you in your track, you have a life, one to live to the full, and with me on board, your life of real possibility awaits.

Why Living First Therapy?

I am different to other therapists. To me being a therapist isn’t a job, business or anything else for that matter, I just can’t not do it.


I know right now this moment you are living your full potential. You can be no more than you are right now – right!


I know there is more to you than the seemingly obvious. I also know you know this too.


I know it takes an enormous amount of effort to break out of your norm and be yourself inside, out and throughout.


I can help you bring the you you know deep down inside to the fore.


I’ve developed Living First Transformational Therapies from scratch with you and your life in mind. This means I am not attached to any school of thought regarding life, living, activity and behaviours. Instead I work with the whole of you – your body, your character, your personality, your qualities, your values, your reality and what works well for you.


Your life really matters.


Neither do I work to a fixed rate. I work, you benefit and pay what you can afford.

Why Living First therapies are important

The move away from survivalism towards wholism is stronger than it has ever been. Making the change to live more strongly connected to the fundamentals - of you and life more important than ever before.

I'd like to share a message I received from one of my beautiful connections on LinkedIn,

'HI, Pat. I love seeing your transformational message. We all need to re-evaluate where we are heading and why. Thank you for your work.' ....Mary Lou Barber

However, change is easier said than done. Now, I’m sure even the most sceptic among us are aware of the benefits of being in nature, good nutrition, healthy exercise, meditation… 

Effective transformation - change is all about habits, our complexity and adaptability; really tough to change ourselves, and especially on our own... and there are so many things to change - where on earth would you begin? 


I’m here to take away the hard yards, to explore the world of your possibility with you, to speed up the change process and send you on your way. Sometimes it takes hardly any time at all.

Why it is important for you to take this step

The lives we have all been living just recently have put a strain on everything all round. First we realised climate change as a force of nature much greater than our own. Then there was plastic, Covid-19, war, horrendous economic strains. None of which will be going away any time soon... and then there's whatever else is in store for us. On top of which, we still struggle to live well with each other in so many frustratingly futile ways. These are massive problems to which we have had to adapt and have all adapted.


Yes, folks, transformation happens anyway. The point of Living First Transformational therapy is to ensure your life changes serve you better, and for life - your life.

David Bowie said,

"Ageing is an extraordinary process by which you become the person you always should have been."


Once you begin realising who you are, what you are and what you are all about and begun to be yourself, you will wish you had begun a whole lot sooner.


Here at Living First we work together with wisdom to breathe life into the whole of you. That’s right your 100%. Untangle life-limiting patterns, breathe life into those parts other activities can’t reach to bring you into ways of living and a life you can live really well.

Therapy - the Science

Are you tiring of living a Groundhog Day existence, sort of alive and living, but not really? Getting by as best you can, putting up with things you really wish you didn’t have to? Not getting what you really need ?  There is good reason for this:

Neuroscience has revealed that 95% of brain activity is beyond cognitive awareness.

And that is exactly how it should be. However, this means that 95% of everyone’s living is beyond the obvious. Not only do we really not know what we do, but it also makes it impossible to break out to be different without an objective third party on board. We know don’t we that our friends and families try their best for us. And yes, we also know that their efforts are usually way off the mark. Hence the need for an objective third party. Call me.

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