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The Countdown is over...

Ready to Live Differently in 2018?

… let me help you transform your life

So how has 2017 been so far? Better than 2016?

Do you sometimes feel you’re living on a treadmill? Forever living with the frustration of untapped potential. Or constantly trying to be different, but taking 3 steps forward only to take 2 steps back, or worse still 3 or 4?

Then maybe this challenge is just what you need…

… of course it does mean you being different… and then there’s the cost…

… Okay, so let’s spread the cost to make it look more affordable. It will cost a maximum of £1.50 a day for a year. The good news is that you will set yourself up for the rest of your life. Oh yes, and you might not even need the full year to do so. That’s right, the idea is to introduce the therapy into your life for as long as you need it; the therapy ends as soon as you are flying solo.

… I know money is tight and the prospects are that it will get tighter. All I ask is that if you feel a strong pull towards this challenge, then don’t let that put you off completely… phone anyway.

… Also, if you are one of those wonderfully rare creatures who are pretty well set for life, and you feel a pull towards this challenge… pick up the phone and let’s talk.

Whatever place you find yourself in, do get in touch…

Live Differently 2018 is a challenge: invest in your health, well-being & life and living quality now to set yourself up to live a life that’s really worth living. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, hence the challenge. However, you will have the benefit of all I have gained from 10 years of my own life transformation to help you with yours.

Not to worry, this is not another preaching what I practice program. Instead you will benefit from not having to make all the mistakes I made. You will gain access to really useful tips, tricks, practices and resources as well as having the support, encouragement and sometimes direction of an understanding sounding board and solid reality check. All of which will be tailored to you, and dovetail neatly into a life that really suits you.

In a nutshell, this challenge is all about you and enabling you to be all you can be.

There are 4 things that will be asked of you:

  1. A commitment and willingness to learn and be different

  2. Time to attend a monthly Transformational Therapy session

  3. A maximum financial investment of £540 (£45 payable at the end of each session)

  4. A journal of your experiences – a daily catharsis & either a weekly or monthly reflective piece in whichever way suits you best.​

And 12 things that you will get in return:

  1. Support: Access to a hub for help with everything health, well-being, life and living quality – to gain access to a full range of support services

  2. Belonging: Meridian cleansing, meditation and communication techniques – to be an effective communicator

  3. Freedom: Time, space and opportunity to be you and explore all you are to be – to instil self-worth

  4. Stability: Get to know and have a better living relationship with your body – to have a body, alive with you for your whole life

  5. Passion: Clear your personal baggage - to ‘let it go’!

  6. Confidence: Let go of being tough on and in yourself – to be who you truly are

  7. Fulfilment: Get to really like who you are as a person, your character and in your activities – to be present, active and fruitful in the whole of life

  8. Peace: Strengthen your body, self-esteem and confidence - to live your light

  9. Resources: Living skills and wherewithal - to make the most of the resources you have for ongoing life fulfilment and smoother life transitions

  10. Balance: Get to have better living relationships with nature: yours, the planet’s, the universe’, and in particular the people with whom you live - to be your flow

  11. Happiness: You will get to like yourself, your body, what you do, the people with whom and things with which you live - to be what you are to be

  12. Joy: Be grounded, clearer and smarter in your life choices - to release and live your power​

As an added bonus, we may have the opportunity to publish edited versions of our experiences along with those others who wish to publish/are publishable. Whilst this aspect of the challenge will be at my discretion, you will retain complete rights to your own output throughout.

Numbers are limited

Your Next Step

So are you feeling a little curious, anxious, excited or even fearful? Well, that means you have been affected in some way.

There is no harm in finding out more... You can:

  • Send a private message through Living First's Facebook page.

  • Or you can phone and speak to Pat directly on: 07737 196 669 and I will be happy to return your call.

  • Or you can email to

  • Or keep ears and eyes open for a 'pop in and find out more' event. Details yet to be finalised.

You will be asked:

  • Your name and contact details

  • To express in your own way about what attracted you to the challenge and why you would like to take part

Then, should you decide to go ahead...

  • To choose your time slot. There will be some flexibility on a month to month basis. However, a set day and time for the duration of the challenge is preferred: I hour time slots, Monday or Wednesday 10:00 – 19:00, allow 15 minutes beforehand to complete paperwork etc.

As I work as part of the whole health, well-being and life quality network. You will be asked to disclose all current health and well-being practices. We may have to arrange a visit to your GP, health, social care worker, therapist, personal coach and/or trainers prior to undertaking the challenge. This is to ensure all of our practices are on the basis of your whole body, mind, spirit and soul health well-being, life and living quality.

For those who have got their life together and already live the benefits of joined up living – why not consider sponsoring someone to take up the

Live Differently 2018 challenge?

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