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Well, I've signed up...

are you up to join me? To Live Differently 2018 ?

Yes, I know, I'm the therapist in this challenge, so let me explain...

Yesterday I realised that my life was pretty much plain sailing. Joy indeed ! This means that my life and living is in itself therapeutic, fulfilling and it really suits me.

The real joy of my living just now is that I am beginning to do this therapy thing anyway in my normal everyday living. I just can't help myself! This morning, as I prepared for my early morning dip, I steered a very dear lady away from using Kalms to get her through a potentially difficult transition. Not that I have anything against Kalms as such. However, Living First is all about the natural and organic fundamentals, so instead of standing by whilst she headed down the medication track, I opened her up to lifelong natural, and stress relieving breathing. The beauty of it was that it really, and I mean really struck home.

So what will this challenge be for me? Live Differently 2018 will be all about making Living First style of therapy available to as many people as possible, whilst still ensuring my own plain sailing.

Remember, Living First therapy is different because it is 100% for the absolute best life you can live freely, wholly and fully. It does this by holding your best interest in mind, body and soul whilst enabling you to live it for yourself... go on, there really is nothing to lose and potentially so much to gain... please do get in touch.

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