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Aha ! Specialist & Generalist... !

That's the problem with finding a niche for yourself in life... it can develop into a rut...

The thing is we all do it, quite naturally and organically. I'm talking about, securing ourselves in ways of functional, physical, emotional, rational, spiritual & soulful being that were only ever meant to suit the moments they were lived.

... and the downsides are too numerous to mention...

We don't like it, but we can't help ourselves. We don't like it in ourselves, and certainly not in others, so what to do?

Hang loose... and let nature take its course

Oh, there is a proviso (or 2... or more)

We're going for a hanging loose without the use of artificial aids and other means of escape ;-)

You can do it... and somewhere deep inside you are on tenterhooks just waiting for such a chance.

All it takes is a momentary letting go... to hang loose sufficient for nature to take hold, free its course and get the natural, organic and oh so simple transformation wheels a-rolling...

Let it happen and it will...

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