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Going Loose...

... and it is so amazingly satisfying!

So, why exactly did we begin to drink tea in teabags?

Well, it seems that it was just a marketing aid that took off some 100 + years ago. I can't imagine how much of life's resources have been used since in this unnecessary process.

I remember being told that teabags could be composted, only to find this is so not true. Despite having stopped 'composting' them years ago, they are still rearing their heads, knotted around and entangling unsuspecting roots.

And this is a merest drop in the ocean when you imagine the sheer scale of our teabag consumption... What a horror!

So, yet again the unsuspecting consumer has been led up the garden path, literally & figuratively, once again by narrow minded suppliers. To realise years later that the garden is being choked by the very thing that was meant to nourish it!

Of course, things don't stop there... but let's not dwell, let's instead nip it in the bud and go loose.

I've started growing my own... lemon verbena is an a-may-zing nightcap... and mint & peppermint straight from the garden is so much better than bagged... all of which can be grown in pots, used straight from the plant and dried for the non-growing season. Then there's the shop bought. A pinch of loose green tea in the bottom of a mug makes for a very special brew throughout the day... and the Earl Grey, as featured, is a real after dinner treat.

Goodbye teabags... hello simple, soul-nourishing beverages...

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