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The Next Workshop?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hello everyone, this article is to open up a conversation around prospects for my next workshop. Could this workshop be for you? What are your thoughts about the price, time & venue?

Keen to hear what you have to say about it all.

Pat x

I delivered my first ever workshop at the weekend called 'Unleash your Power' with overwhelming results. Thank you to the five who braved the challenge, and they all got so much out of it. Whilst the main idea behind the workshop was to introduce people to, and promote, Living First's 1-2-1 Transformational therapies, it really hit life-enhancing transformational chords. At the end the room was awash with good, old-fashioned, typically British, open & full approval and the words uttered were 'really good', 'relaxing' and 'empowering'.

Living First's first workshop. All prepared & raring to go at Ransom Woods Business Park 3/6/18

Reading the blurb later,

'Unleash your Power... Naturally, Sustainably & Effectively. Join me in this workshop to stimulate personally life-enhancing transformations. Intermingled with active meditations, free movement, pointers to & opportunities for self-reflection, you will be guided through enlivening your nature, leadership & uniqueness [in such a way that is relevant to you in your life right now].

I realised that I had delivered.

When I think about it now, the workshop format is quite clever, because it retains many of the elements of tailored 1-2-1 therapy in a group workshop setting.

Who would get the most out of it?

Definitely the independently minded who are open to their life's challenges with a will to deliver themselves really well...

Is this you?

Please, read on and become part of the discussion around this proposal...

All told, I'm fired up to deliver, and my thoughts have turned to a small contingent of around 25 to 30 at the NTU's Conference Centre in the Nottingham City centre on a week day from 6 until 8 in the evening.

Structured in four parts:

  • What Unleash your Power means to you;

  • Your Nature;

  • Your Leadership and

  • Your Uniqueness

The idea is to expand the workshop to 2 hours to allow for either group work around tricky topics that might arise such as resistance, anger and frustration, or to open the floor to more indepth discussion of what the insights mean to the individual or, on a more practical level, to discuss effective strategies for living.

So, to the cost. I'm thinking of offering this for the price of a 45 minute therapy session, that is £45 for a 2-hour workshop in a very pleasant, professional yet inspiring environment, including all the materials, and light, healthy refreshments.

So, what do you think?

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