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Unleash your Power Workshops

Living First's series of 2 workshops to Unleash your Power

Do you have issues to resolve? It could be personal, to do with work, relationships or rights. Maybe you are battling with something? Addiction? Or are you finding that you are continually doing something that you know you shouldn't, or constantly getting into situations that you know aren't good for you despite your best intentions? Well, bring them along.

No matter what it is, all these things have one thing in common... you've tried your absolute darnedest and it just won't go away.

This series of 2 workshops is an opportunity for you to step out of your normal run of the mill and step into a full, open, creative and dynamic space. Here you can begin to bring to life everything you are all about whilst dissolving and resolving whatever is stopping you from going forward freely in your own life. All from a sustainable whole body, person and life perspective.

Based in living fundamentals, the guidance enables you to unearth and explore your options and opportunities, to tease out what practically and realistically can and can't be done, hone living skills and define actionable next steps. All whilst strengthening your confidence, self-respect, trust and connection to everything you hold dear.

As this is a group setting, and does not provide the same level of confidentiality as Living First's 1 to 1 therapy, it is advised that you share only that with which you are completely comfortable. Being sensitive to this, the content is geared to enable you to complete the workshop in nigh on isolation if this suits you best.

Feedback from the last workshop was that it was both relaxing and empowering.

You will be guided through active meditations to enable you to reconnect with and be your most powerful self, be introduced to insights about nature, leadership and your uniqueness, be given prompts and pointers to clear blockages and stimulate your whole body, whole life living. There will be plenty of time for questions and self-reflection to help you fully digest all that is on offer… including the food and good company.

We will be having a 30 minute break for food and a drink at 11:30.

To gain the full benefit it is advisable that you attend both workshops and in sequence.

All materials will be provided: paper, pens, pencils for note writing & exercises. Please contact should you prefer to express yourself through other means.


Place Ugly Bread Bakery (upstairs)

21 Market Street, Nottingham NG1 6HX

Price £15 including food and a drink

Day & time Thursdays 10:30 am – 1:00 pm


To repeat every 2 weeks thereafter


Pat Fletcher

Telephone 07737 196 669


A little about Living First:

Providing Transformational Therapies in the heart of Nottingham.

Tailored to the individual's whole body, whole life living, these therapies are uniquely person centred, enabling the individual to do as much as is possible for themselves in ways that suit them best.

The process is tried and tested, having been developed from my own experience of body, person and life transformation.

With a passion for health, well being, life and living quality at their core there is something for everyone.

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