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Living First's Political Arm Awakens...

... and it feels good.

I did wonder at times what was going to happen to my passion as I underwent Living First's Living Differently 2018. Yay, it's still in there and, like the weather brewing up a storm.

The good news is, because it is now living from the basis of my fundamental human living principles, it's a whole lot wiser, less for the fun of it and more for the whole.

At this point in time, it's a tingling in my fingers and in my toes with a real warmth for everything I hold dear in the pit of my belly. It's activation and activity has to do with all the c*** we live with, weaning ourselves off it and letting it disappear:

Let's choose one at random... and one that's so not fiery... caring, and the softer human attributes.

Caring is an amazing part of being human, but I also know that it can be crippling when not lived well... putting the needs of others first etc.

There's another point to note... caring, amongst all the other softer skills in this highly mechanised and corporatised world continue to ensure that life is worth living. However, from a economic perspective, it's amongst the least valued despite its rising demand.

I've been through an amazing transformation process and come out the other side so much more attuned to who and what I am, and what I can do in this crazy mixed up world. It's not a lot, but it is me.

So, please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about what all of this could mean for you.

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