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Looking for people who...

... really want to live their life to the full.

I don't know about you, but I am opening up to everything in life that is me and is for me.

I have always been open to, and up for suggestion. Now, whilst this little quirk of mine has enabled me to tap into a whole host of life and living, literally beyond me, it has also left me open to deal with all those things that weren't me or 'for me'. I've called this, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

In a way, this way of being, living and becoming me, in itself has been a lifetime's work: exciting, rewarding, sometimes exhausting and for the most part enjoyable. The upshot being that now I am more me, the vitality remains along with a whole host of everything around what is and is not 'for me'.

As you may be aware, one of the things that is for me is holistic health, well being, life and living quality and enabling people to be their best and live the best life they possibly can. In effect, helping people sort their wheat from their chaff, change and be different... better... fuller... more themselves... for real.

I have tried to do so, and have done so in many ways throughout my life. I even remember banging onto my dad to stop smoking... I must have only been about ten, not a clue about life and living, but I 'knew' that smoking wasn't good for him.

I now know of course, that nobody can relinquish a living aid, which was what smoking was for my dad, without some combination of being told over and over again, having health scares, tapping into fundamental strengths, possibly letting go emotionally, physically, biochemically, rationally, neurologically, politically, economically, culturally, socially and environmentally as well as allowing themselves to be different, inside, throughout and out... yes, somewhat of a big ask.

The good news is that I can deal with the bulk of that, and what you might see as, the hard yards on your behalf... and authentically.

I've developed Living First as an umbrella for all the resources needed to enable people to change their lives and living for the better... there's a lot. However, none of this is of any use without people.

I know, I know, believe me, I know it is a big ask, especially when I'm asking you to trust a complete stranger who is, shall we say, alternative to say the least and a bit of a tough cookie. However, if ever you do have an inkling towards opening yourself up to everything in life that is you and for you, then please do bear me in mind...

To provide a flavour of what might be in store for you should you choose to do so. I'm the one at the helm... of a 60' 33 tonne around the world yacht... and there was I, only a month earlier saying that sailing wasn't 'me'... it is now!

Really, you and your life could be a whole lot more than you allow it to be...


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