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Just how does Reiki work...?

Is a question that has reared its head every now and again. I finally got this morning what the question meant to me.

When I was introduced to Reiki in 2012 it was like I had known it my whole life. The confusing aspect was that a bunch of people were giving it a name and practising it on others. I suppose in a lot of ways, I couldn't understand why nobody else had that same relationship with it as I did. For me, it was just there, always, had healing, recovery and re-energising qualities that just made living easier. For me, it didn't need a name.

Now, I have immersed myself in the world of health, well being, life and living quality, it's all beginning to make a whole lot more sense... and, as with all good things, slowly.

So for me, the point of the question, 'how does Reiki work?' hasn't been around the how, why or what it does. Rather, that for the person asking the question, it has worked...

As with everything Living First, should this question arise in you, let it out and let it go...

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