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Transformational Therapy

Hi everyone, I've been asked to say a little about Living First’s Transformational Therapy, so here goes.

In a nutshell, it's a style of holistic therapy founded in everything natural, geared to the challenges of contemporary life.

Why have I called it Living First?

Well, that’s because I think that in all the hullaballoo of life and living, we forget that we have no choice but to live first. Then, should we be fortunate enough to get a chance to do so, we reflect, regroup and re-emerge being more ourselves.

Why am I doing this?

What I have found is that on some level we all know when we are on track, and I really like living with people who are on track in their lives. Problems arise when things are less clear, primarily through life’s changes. Very often these appear without warning and we are left to struggle through as best we can. All of which becomes so much easier when there is somebody there for us. Especially when that person is there to help us live our life to the full, and that’s where I come in.

It's my job to help sort the wheat from the chaff, not only to get my clients back on track as quickly and easily as possible, but also ensure they are geared up to do so to the full.

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