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Moving Home...

Moving home is a funny old business, much like any other major transition in life. There is always an element of necessity, being forced or driven in some way, but also a natural and organic move from one place to another.

To start with there's the draw towards that generates a pull. Such a gentle tugging as this compels movement into the unknown which can be disconcerting. The stronger the draw becomes, the stronger the effect on emotions, thoughts, reasoning and relationships. Then there's the ties to present and past to untangle. Attractions, repulsions, attachments, detachments, associations, dis-associations all come into the mix to generate emotional turmoil (ET)... yes, when it's time to move, we can all become a little alien !

This move to your next place may well have been there all the time, living quite unconsciously in the background, along with all the other movements that move a life to its final resting place. No matter what, when the practicalities begin to emerge: location, buying, selling, legalities, title, ownership, responsibility, accountability... and on and on, the subtlety of force that generates the move can all get a little lost, and understandably so.

So, what is it about that shelter, that house and home that causes an enormous amount of strain, stress, pressure, tension? It is, of course, what it offers:


Safety is a must in any human life, as we cannot and should not have to live under constant threat...


Security is that extra layer of safety, a place to be a little easier, more grounded, centred, more at one with everything universal and planetary, a space to rest, recover, renew and strengthen.


Some can be together on their own, others need other people, animals, plants or things for company, or just order. With togetherness comes personal security of all being well in the world.


All food necessary to bring personal security to a place of personal growth and development. As well as food and water, nourishment is also food for the existential, experiential, emotional, rational, intellectual, playful, social, just, active and life expansive, and can take any number of a myriad of forms.

... have you got a hint of where we are going here...?

That's right, as ever, no matter the transition avoid the pull to make it a focal point. In this case...

... despite the time-consuming nature of moving home, spend even more time with those other homes in your life. That is, all of those states, places and spaces that provide safety, security, togetherness and nourishment... whilst, as always, remaining open to the new.

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