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Brick Wall

The other day I posted about hitting the brick wall and asked the question, what do you do?

I'd asked, because the previous evening had seen my return to Zumba after an 18 month break. A break that at 15 minutes into the session, seemed more like decades! Yes, I'd hit a brick wall.

Luckily my instructor had given me the heads up beforehand,

'Just take your time and ease your way back into things. Do what you can, and when you can't keep up just move in time to the music.'

I'm usually one to gird my loins, so to speak and power on through when confronted with a brick wall, only to feel the effects afterwards... as far as exercise is concerned, usually the second day afterwards, but this time I'd heard and did just as she'd advised. I moved in time to the music and then, quite organically, picked up the pace again in my own time.

It worked really well. The beauty of it was that I got to enjoy myself all the more and experienced zero after effects, other than being all the better for having been.

So yes, whilst powering through had been my only option before, it seems I'm opening up (at long last) to benefiting from the wise words of others.

Brick walls come in many forms. They can be reflections, projections or manifestations of self-limiting beliefs, or real no-go zones that need absolute respect, or any number of combinations of both. Either way, they command some level of holistic respect.

The tricky thing is that brick walls are a factor of life that can pop into life at any point in time, hence our embedded responses learnt of past reactions. As always, the more loose, connected, grounded and centred you are, the more likely you will be to untangle those habitual ways and the more open you will be to adopt more sustainable practices.

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