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10 whole days without...

... use of my phone.

I moved home and never thought for a moment I'd have difficulty with phone coverage. I mean, waaaay back in 2011 I had coverage in the middle of the Maasai Mara... so, really - Devon ?!?

It was a bit of a you know what, because my contract had only expired a month earlier, so I'd already switched once. Which, by the way, had gone like a dream. Lulled into a false sense of security, 10 days ago the saga of switching providers began.

No coverage, so I began on chat. All seemed to be going well. Not a thing of what had been promised happened. Back on chat, nothing, phone, nothing, and again, nothing, and then a distant light, a chink of clarity in the mire began to emerge.

Throughout the morass, I could tell that all the reps really wanted to help, and believed that they had done so, when, following procedure, they all did their bit to leave all else to the Gods of system and process to work their magic. Obviously, the Gods were on summer break!

The chink of light began to brighten, as I reached the point of refusing to repeat the saga to anyone else. Finally, my call had been answered by a lady who made it her business to leave customers happy. And I could tell... finally, someone who would sort it out. What I didn't know was just how phenomenally she would do so.

The first thing she did was to disconnect my phone - completely and order a new sim. The next surprised me somewhat - she offered, negotiated and paid me compensation for the hassle I'd been through. Finally, the icing on the cake - she offered to phone me, yes, actually phone me on a day and at a time to ensure it was all working. And she came through with flying colours all round.

In the spirit of balanced view, it was not all sweetness and light. There had been some major to-ing and fro-ing upfront, because my ire had steadily increased in intensity throughout this whole process, and I was not for sympathy, apologies or platitudes in any way shape or form, but she stayed with... heard me... and responded constructively.

Shabilah you are an absolute star... and O2 are lucky to have you on board.

The lesson:

Stay with. On some level you 'know' what will and won't work. Hang on in there and between you, life and everything, it will get it sorted.

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