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How do you learn...?

This article comes with a warning, as it is an exercise in life expansion and is not, repeat not for the fainthearted.

Okay, I know, 'How do you learn?' is a big question, so let's be more specific.

How do you learn a new skill?

I ask, because, it is an important aspect of ongoing lifelong living expansion and, for the most part, the ways and means by which we learn new skills hold us back from living a forever expanding yet consolidating life.

So, how do you kick these old ways into touch?

By learning a new skill in a new way !

So, if you are up for it, let's give it a go.

Ask yourself this question:

'What is the one (small, skill-based thing) I would love to be able to do?'


1. The 'love' is there, because it's important that your heart is in it. However, it should be something that floats your whole, lifelong boat :- one piece of all those others that make you complete.

2. The 'be able to do' is an important factor.

3. Make it small-ish. Possibly something you've said 'I can't' to, or worse still, that somebody else has intimated or told you that you can't. Also, something that niggles you, maybe something you would really like to do, it could well be something others in your network do, but you can't (or say you can't).

4. It has to matter to you, nobody else, just you.

Although there is no need to rush this process, you don't want to put yourself off either, so ask yourself the question with active, loving encouragement.

What is the one thing I would love to be able to do?

Okay, have you got one?

Right, now, you have access to the Internet, so get looking for

'How to .......' (don't forget to fill in the blanks ;-)

How do you feel? Nervous, excited, worried, scared, sick? Just stay with the feelings. It is nervousness and it is good to feel all of those things as the body settles itself onto this new, expanded life path. You may well have to leave yourself be for a while, let everything settle, maybe even have a sleep or two to let everything settle into place.

Take your time, immerse yourself into the whole of life and everything it has to offer. There will be work required on your part. However, the pathways that will open with your open and loving heart, mind, body and soul will make the living a whole lot easier.

Bon voyage !

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