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Throwaway/Cleanup Spectrum

Well, this was some of the junk picked up on Saturday by a (relatively) small team of keen cleaneruppers... in what seemed like no time at all, 1 to 2 hours.

There is no doubt, as a life form with vested interest in the future habitability of this planet, we have to up our enviro-conscience game - individually, as a family, in groups and organisations.

A word to the wise...

There are so many hidden benefits in getting involved, it beggars belief that more people don't opt in sooner.

So, tell me, where do you think you sit on the throwaway/cleanup spectrum? Are you on the fence, belligerent, torn, or does all this stuff wash over you? Either way, I'd love to get a conversation started - with the aim of pushing you fairly and squarely into the cleanup zone ;-)

And for those of you who have opted into cleanup, I would love to hear how it's working out... and do, please tag me in any of the posts you write on the subject... it all inspires.

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