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2nd Lockdown - Work it!

It's here and there's lots of resources out there to not only help you through, but also come out the other side more you, more alive, more in it and on it... it is, however, up to you...

In some respects this one will be easier - it's no longer a new experience. In many ways it will be more difficult. Last time the days were getting longer, warmer and brighter, this time they're becoming shorter, cooler and darker.

Here's how to make it work for you...

  • From the inside out - let all the good stuff be, inside and out. Let go the dross and welcome in more of your good stuff

  • Your spirit needs to be free - let go - free it up - spend time with the timelessness of the universe - outside with the stars, move, shout, scream, dance, sing. Do art, be artful, make stuff, create. You are always the expression of your true self - be it.

  • There will be good times, bad and all points in between - be gentle, kind to yourself - self-nurture is a beautifully innate healing quality formed of love - immerse yourself in your gorgeousness

  • Get out and about in nature - even if it's your own patch of garden or the local park - open your senses to its beauties. Yes, they are there all year round - just different ones

  • Get a taste for fresh food, clean water, fresh air - your bod will thank you for it.

  • Develop new skills - all those things you have a pull towards, but never tried

  • Be curious - there's a whole lot of life out there beyond your imagination open yourself up to explore

  • Have I mentioned exercise yet? It's all about being alive, living and free moving inside, out and throughout. Loose, free-moving fluidity. Yoga's phenomenal and You Tube a treasure trove of different styles. Be loose, free and self-nurturing with these too. Easy wins are the way to go to sustainable success, empowerment and growth.

  • Be alive and living. You know you and you know what works best for you.

  • Whether you like it or not, and as difficult, confounding and confusing as we all can be, we do need other people in our lives. Share your time with those who, and in circumstances that nourish your soul - enjoy them, love them, be with them and become more together... and apart.

  • Enjoy!

Oh yes, print this list, stick it somewhere obvious and do it... not necessarily all at once either - see easy wins ;-)

Namaste my beauties

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