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A Fitting End...

... to a day of #beautifulchaos

Is it magic? You know, when things just come together and everyone involved comes out on top.

Case in point, a piano sale. I love piano music - I love listening to it... and I love playing a tune well. I just wish I'd started sooner! Anyhoo, I bought this particular keyboard in Melbourne, so it's more than well-travelled! But I never got to play it very much tbh I couldn't see the point - there had always been more pressing things afoot... and I do like,an audience 😁

Back to the sale. Letting go was a biggie. I know, sad, but now it's done, it's one of the best things ever. Oh boy there's no telling how deeply entrenched those ties bind. This time though, the impending move had thrown everything up in the air... including the piano and there it was on Facebook marketpkace. Eeks!

A buyer emerged and it became tricky to arrange a mutually convenient time. In the end I really didn't think it would happen. Then came the day of the sale. Fletch was off sailing so nothing was 'as usual'. Tbh I'd forgotten all about it, but Martin jogged my memory and a voicemail confirmed - the sale was going ahead. I got jittery.

Nothing was prepped and jitters turned to nerves... what was I doing, letting a stranger into my home - alone! She sounded lovely. Nevertheless I imagined the worst and off I turned for help.

First port of call wasn't in and I found myself heading towards another neighbour. As it turns out - best move ever! Not only was he an accomplished pianist, but also a more than willing, super-generous soul.

I'd love to help - I'll keep an eye out and come over.

The buyer was gorgeous too. A lovely, lovely lady who had been thrilled to have found a keyboard for her friend's graduation gift - how generous is that! He had promised himself to learn how to play as soon as he graduated... and there she was, helping to make it happen.

She was blown away by the whole package: keyboard, stool, books, the demonstration and confirmation that it was on superb nick.

And so, suitably demonstrated, dismantled and safely ensconced in the back of her car, the piano was sent on its way to begin a whole new adventure.

I'm so, so happy to know it'll bring joy to others... the telling point for me was when we closed the boot. Looking fondly through the back window, J, the buyer took a moment...


She whispered.

And that was just one of the many magical moments today!

The magical merry-go-round continues this coming Sunday at 8pm with our next Global Reiki Circle - look us up on Facebook.

The theme for 2022 is setting our spirits free, and for this month: casting off the veils of constraint as organically as is possible.

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