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A peaceful, joyful Christmas...

"Woohoo!" responded Martin, yes, I'd just told him I had begun my Christmas break. Being self-employed, I'm never sure when this is going to happen. When I worked it was usually after the Christmas party had subsided, all had gone on their merry way, and I'd cleared the decks, quietly, locking the doors behind me. This is different - it doesn't happen until it happens. Just a moment in time when all becomes different - no more work lined up until the New Year - nice!

The celebration was followed with a 'you must be a plumber!' He's so funny, we laughed, and then I realised, well, yes, a plumber is in may ways what I am!

For your internal plumbing, and electrics, and much more besides - everything that allows the smooth, harmonious flow, existence and experience of your presence right here in this life - your life.

... and yes, just like a plumber I offer emergency services!

Take care all and have a super-enjoyable break, filling yourself with all the goodness that abounds, letting go any debris built up, particularly over this past year, recharging, re-enlivening and strengthening all the gorgeousness you are.

... and if you do find yourself in a tangle, you know where I am... message for an appointment, pay your money and we'll be Zooming them away before you know it!

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