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Becoming Your Different

Becoming your different really isn't as easy as you might think.

The key to unlocking your unique qualities in life is personal freedom - freedom of movement, expression and of being. It's one of the reasons I set up my therapies - to provide the circumstances in which that freedom can be experienced and explored.

Now, one thing I've learnt is that to be our different really well is to let go of everything that constrains, contains or forces us to fit into being something we're not. This is a little bizarre in concept because it sort of implies that we must cut things out of our life and that's not the case at all. In fact it is the opposite. Letting go is a matter of letting loose, letting go (of ourselves) and immersing in the whole of everything. From there we then emerge anew, being and relating differently - more ourselves.

The main sticking point to this happening is our obligations - actually, the effects our perception of our 'obligations' have on us... and there's only one way of shifting those sticking points. That way is to properly let loose in amongst and with all that stuff of life that's so, how can I say it...? Almost not there at all.

I was talking with a lady I'd met on a recent walk about this. We had just clicked and talked about lots of things - one of which was the extent to which non-scientific phenomena played often silent, invisible yet extraordinarily important part in life's happenings. There was no need on either part to explore this any further. We were, of course talking about that stuff of life - something we both enjoyed, and no doubt benefited from.

Yes, freedom is largely based in all that stuff of life for which there is no rhyme or reason. And yes, we do need quality time out to explore ourselves in those environments to build strength around and confidence in everything that makes us uniquely us... Quality time out, grounded in reality.

There is a further sticking point that's linked to obligation and that is personal responsibility, which can become self-constraining, especially for the more conscientious amongst us. It's like we become too tightly entangled in that space of doing the right thing because yes, it is a biggie.

Personal freedom begins with personal responsibility for everything we are, everything we have ever been and everything we are yet to become. Like I said, a biggie.

The good news being that entwined in those entanglements are your values - particularly strong in the conscientious and extraordinarily precious indeed. Despite any turmoil the untangling process brings, you'll enjoy it all the more when those glimpses of who you truly are come to life.

News on the Living First front

People ask what I do, and it’s always a tricky thing for me to answer. For the most part, the proof is in the pudding, and you have to give it a try. It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, near or far - I tailor therapies to suit you, your circumstances and your life. If you're up for positive, life-affirming and progressive change...

Here's how:

The Practice - work with me 1 to 1

Energy work is a bit on the weird and wonderful side of life. So I hope you now have an inkling of an insight into why it is the way it is... I work within the realms beyond the ordinary.

Let's make your 2022 the year you step into being your different, kicking into touch everything that holds you back.

Online or in person - you choose !

And remember, I did the hard yards and let me tell you - it is seriously overrated ! - give yourself a break... let me help.

Any Readers out there?

Wakey, Wakey !

If you like the sound of what I'm doing with my therapies and would like a relatively affordable taster, you can buy my first book on the subject!

"A must have on every bookshelf"

Click here to get your copy.

By the way, loving being part of the library - surrounded by booky people. Which reminds me,

Any budding writers out there?

I was chatting the other week to the lady in Arcturus bookshop (they stock my book) about books, therapy and the likes when she suggested I write a 'How to write' book from the perspective of a therapist! This inspired me so much, I've only gone and started it... and not just from my perspective - I've also connected with the guys at Arkfound who have shared this with their authors/budding authors - a couple of whom are already on board!

So yes, here's another shout out please for contributions from any writers who have been through the process of becoming a writer and would like to share your experiences of unlocking this - one of your innate abilities.

Global Reiki Circle... 10th April, 2022

I’m meeting with a lot of people who are living at a heightened level of stress. Primarily, their focus is on the war triggered by yet another power hungry fanatic. The call for peace is stronger than ever - inner peace with the potential for perpetual strength.

As you may remember, the circle’s theme for 2022 is setting our spirits free, in the spirit of,

"wishes that are true bear the sweetest fruit"

This month's circle is especially for all those having difficulty transitioning to this war zone.

Our wishes are for peace… with the strength to fight for peaceful ways of living together however and wherever.

We will be here, there and everywhere – circulating, realigning, enlivening, and strengthening all we are and all we do.

Where there’s light there’s life, and where there’s light, there is hope...

and yes, we are stronger together... the more we are, the stronger we are; the stronger we are, the more we flourish.

'til Sunday 💫🙏💫

Click here to go to the event and learn more about it through Facebook... no pressure, no fee and always will be.

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