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Being the Storms...

I call it Transformation Turbulence

The only constant in life is change

... and with change comes turbulence - inside and out.

Constantly morphing to live as life is takes its toll... unless we're with it. Even then it throws up its difficulties - especially if you are like me and try to make sense of it all !

So yes, transformation turbulence is a definite thing that I come across all the time. It takes on many different forms and sometimes quite surprisingly. It can be anything from a brain fog leading to not being 'with it' to having too active a mind leading to insomnia and the likes. Sometimes it brings real discomfort, even pain, but not one from an injury. Rather, it's something on the move that's moving around something that's been stuck for a while.

Like a rusted nut that needs plenty of lubrication to get it moving

Then there's stress, anxiety, insecurity and fear... all and every and many combinations of each are due to Transformation Turbulence.

It's storms such as this that need some form of anchorage. Your whole world is in turmoil, yet we are alive and living. We need that something to hold us whilst everything settles into a place once more. Nothing solid, mind, yet a definite strength of inherent connectivity.

This strength of connectivity has many names: faith, trust, hope, optimism, confidence, joy. No matter the name, the sense is one of light, vitality and love.

The good news is...

our connection to nature is inherent, constant

so too is our connection to the universe

we are it

it is we

we are one

Let's build that strength of connection...

next time you're out and about

let loose your senses

open your mind

whatever you may think

there's way more besides

be touched...

be moved...


the calm before the storm

life's good

the storm

the rain

the wind

the clamour

the lulls, rises and the falls

the calm after the storm in...

the song of a bird

the laughter of a child

the movement of the leaves,

the gentleness of the breeze

the beauty of the air...

it's all here

allowing a soft smile to form

There's pleasure to be had in healing...

There's pleasure to be had in being the storms... and labour too

There's pleasure to be had in being the change... and labour too

There's pleasure to be had in being alive and living... and labour too

News on the Living First front

The Practice - working with me 1 to 1

I know asking for help - real help is a scary prospect. For one, we're showing vulnerability and for another, we don't know what we might be opening ourselves up to.

The brave souls who opt into Living First's ways leave pleasantly surprised (at how easy and quite magical it all is!), energised, clearer and more themselves.

to book an appointment phone:

Totnes Natural Health Centre: 01803 864 587


Me: 07737 196 669

(leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can)


Click here to book a complementary 30 min call back

The Writing...

I'm loving connecting with, yeah some 'my kind of' people.

The Alphabet is a definite go !

So too the Anthology... yes ! It's winging its way to the printers!

Sooooo looking forward to holding it in my hand and reading it. However, I had a definite wobble last week, as I let the 'at long last' final version go on its way.

There hasn't been any work on the booklet... gosh those personal wants and likes are important!

It's like I've taken a tentative step into publishing through the anthology, more personal ones are being made with the alphabet, all background work to me letting rip with my piece de resistance. It's been waiting in the wings for an age or two now - one for the mid-lifers in preparation for living the other side of mid life really, really well. Whilst the poetry, as you can see is - purely my way of getting messages across.

The Global Reiki Circle... will be Sunday, 14th November

The next 12 months have been set up waiting for you to book your place (so to speak)

Click here to go to the event and book your place through Facebook

Word to the wise... I mark that I'm going to them all - I tend not to need a reminder, but it's there if you need it. What can I say... it's all goooood, somewhat magical stuff! Especially for strengthening those all important inherent connections ;-)

Click here to stay in the loop and join our Facebook Group

above all,

be safe, be sure, and no matter what, be you


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