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Do you want to be happy?

I know, to me this would be a strange question to ask anyone. It's obvious, right! Everyone wants to be happy... or do they?

It is a question I often ask my clients... especially when they're flat or worse still, have no recollection of having ever been happy.

And anyway, who's to know? As we are all unique, whilst it might appear that we strive for happiness, there's no definitive proof that we do so. And even if there was definitive proof, things change all the time - who knows what life experiences are in store... who knows what our life goals might be in 5, 10 or more years time?

Here's one response,

'happy wife, happy life'

In this case their happiness is heavily dependant on the happiness of another. To be honest, it's an expression I take on board as being in the mix... but not something on which to affix ;-)

Overall though, I ask because it helps remind people happiness does exist and, for the most part, just how good it feels. Furthermore, I find that once given the option and it's met with their seal of approval, it's like life's floodgates open to make it happen.

So, what is happiness?

Oh my goodness - I looked for scientific research on the subject - boring !

So instead, I'll give you mine if you give me yours...

My happiness is: momentarily spontaneous; for no reason; a collective force of contentment, excitement, anticipation, hope, love, potential; self-affirming, 'together', 'with', balance; pleasurable.

Psychologists like to think it's a state of mind, but for me it's that and a whole lot more - it's a state of my everything in conjunction with everything else.

I love happiness, and other people's happiness makes me happy too... for me, happiness is contagious, makes me feel good and drives continuing happiness.

Over to you...

My happiness is:

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