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It's World Book Day !

Apologies to those who have subscribed and are receiving 2 blog posts in one week! Believe me it is a rarity. And only because it is World Book Day today - one I couldn't ignore - for those who know me - you know why ;-)

Anyhoo, here it is - I hope you enjoy!

It's raining... again (here anyway) no better time like the present to read a good book.

Here's some of my inspiring reads over the last few years... what's yours?

BTW I was taking my time putting these back on the shelves when I opened Wordsworth for this to be revealed...

I must have seen these few words a hundred times - if not more. On some level I was seeing them again... and not.

The name of Wilberforce of Wilberforce Hall struck home - William Wilberforce who worked tirelessly to abolish (in relative terms) slavery. An inspiration of mine of old.

I love the messages that books deliver, especially second hand ones. The people whose hands and minds they have touched somehow remain.

So yes, World Book Day is about all sorts of books, being touched, moved by them and being better for it.

BTBTW if you are better for having read these few words and would like to receive more direct to your inbox, send an email to me at (you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the email)

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