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Let's hear it for Living First!

Buoyed after the AWE session this week with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. We went through Vision, Mission and Values. Little by little bringing voice and presence to this amazing enterprise that's coming together, brick by brick to form its own identity - it is exciting. And I was thrilled when the lead, after hearing more about what I do, said,

‘That’s the sort of therapy I would want’

I must admit, the last few years have been a bit of a struggle trying to explain what I do, primarily to engage others and build momentum for what I, as well as pretty much everyone I talk with about it, think is much needed here in the UK. You see, I see Britain as quite a depressed country, beautifully restrained, intelligent, calm and relatively caring. That is, until you want to do something that's not the usual way of things; when doors of potential and opportunity are firmly slammed shut. Whilst this makes progressive, self-expressive living for everyone incredibly difficult if not impossible and highly improbable, it makes living particularly difficult for those of limited means. Dampened potential leads to dispiritedness, frustration, low morale, depression etc. etc. Worse still, it's unconsciously passed down from generation to generation.

I was one of the lucky ones, yet even so, I had to work hard - much harder than most others to get to live a life I can now take ownership of. It's cases like mine that are held aloft in research studies, as proof positive that the system works. When in fact, my success and those like mine should be seen as an anomaly. Not a potential outcome for most.

The ridiculous thing about it is that, not only do those who are well off not see or understand the disparity, neither did I - I was too busy, busy, busy in that cycle of working too hard.

So, this time, when asked about what I do, I began as follows...

You see, I can't pinpoint exactly what I do.

Yes, I call it Transformational Therapy, because that's what happens in life, we transform, and how noticeable has that been during this last 10 months. The therapy is there to make sure they are life-enhancing and sustainably so.

It's true I'm there providing counsel, coaching, education, support, cheerleading even with a collection of tools, tricks and tips. However, I'm neither a counsellor, coach, teacher, carer or inspirer. I'm all of those +. You see this is what we in this country can't help but do - put people into neatly consigned little boxes with which they can better cope. All you have to do is look at my client's responses and testimonials to see what I actually do for the client changes every time. There are no words for it, because it is beyond all our ken. That said, the lead got it, she heard and understood. I think this is because she is one of whatever I am too:

What I and many others like me actually do is intuitively provide our clients with the means to flourish.

And that's why I want to hear it for Living First, it's therapies and more importantly, as a budding Social Enterprise.


... providing 18-24 year olds with the means to flourish


A world of fully present, engaged, healthy, happy, content, empowered and confident people living their one and only beautifully unique life to the full.


Through good counsel, connecting to whatever makes our client come alive. Dismantling the barriers inside and out. Expanding life's opportunities naturally, organically and affordably. Enabling our client to take their place in the world, being, living and doing whatever makes them come alive. T


Nature Rules!
Nature can be cruel. We are at our best when we are not.
The worst thing we can do is deny our own nature.
We aim for authenticity, allowing for imperfection.
Equality and fairness. Everyone has the right to their say, sway and way.
Honesty prevails along with smooth, inclusive, intelligent progression.
Globality. The state of the world is our measure of what more needs to be done.

Of course as is the whole of life, this is a work in progress. However, its foundations are strong and there is yet more to do to bring it to life.

Can you help?

If you like the sound of what I'm trying to do you can get involved by getting involved - start talking to me about this enterprise - where it might be of use, the people and organisations who may be interested in collaborating on this.

I will be reconnecting with all my contacts over the next few weeks to find out what you think, who and what might help make this happen... who might want to work with me on turning 'this is what we need' to 'well, lookie here, we've only gone and done it!'



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