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Living the lights, darks...

... and all points in between - really, really well.

Darkness is a theme running through my life just now.

It began a few nights ago when I caught an episode of Sir Terry Pratchett's, 'the Watch'. In it one of the characters had been forced to return to her home culture, one she'd fled for fear of a phenomenon called 'The Darkness'.

Imprisoned and engulfed by this thing, it turned out it was a friend and not to be feared at all, rather, welcomed for the insight it held within.

Of course, 'The Darkness' was not the issue.

The issue that had her people imprisoned was instilled cultural fear.

Fear brings with it a circular dread, stress, anxiety. Each one feeding the other. Each one keeping the other in place.

Cultural fear is a real, alive and living horror.

The most bizarre aspect of fear is that, whilst it is to do with stuff, 'out there' it only becomes fearful through us - through our experience of it.

'Fear, all fear whether cultural or otherwise, is physiological'

Fear is borne of an ingrained sense of unsafety.

The antidote to fear is safety.

Of course, we're not talking the safety that comfort and relief brings.

The antidote to fear is wholistic safety - no matter what - and that requires wholistic change.

... the best and easiest way to do so organically is to let go, opening your mind, body, spirit and soul to everything nourishing... whatever that might be - whilst letting go of every that holds you back.

This approach will get bumpy at times and Living First therapies is here to help smooth those bumps.

News on the Living First front

Yay! Back to practicing in person!

Monday mornings are reserved for 3 donation-only 1 hr Reiki sessions, with the rest of the week open for private Reiki and/or Transformational Therapy.

To book phone:

Totnes Natural Health Centre: 01803 864 587

for Monday's donation-only slots (sliding scale, £40-25, £14 low income)


Me: 07737 196 669

for (still affordable) private sessions

The Writing...

Whilst I'm awaiting more feedback, I'm busy preparing the manuscript for... publication!

Global Reiki Circle is Sunday, 12th September

I love this circle.

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Interested in finding out more...

Click here to book a complementary 30 min call back

above all,

be safe, be sure, be you


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(photo courtesy of Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash)

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