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The Price is Right !

Some things are just black and white, aren't they... others not so much, but when clarity hits home it's like, it's just right!

I've been paid in all sorts...

... kind, swaps, donations, plants, tomatoes, support, and yes, even money.

I've also been torn on pricing, just what are you meant to charge for a service such as mine?

Yes, there have been lots of upfront costs and a whole life lived in research and exploration of what works well - not only for others, but also for myself. However, despite my background in finance, specifically, cost, management and good business practice, fixing a price for therapies just didn't sit well at all.

Drum roll perleeaase....

The angst around what to charge is dissipating, albeit slowly, but I can feel it's on its way, helped on it's way by the magnificent Global Reiki Circle last night. Believe me it is moving and clearing - a lot. Yes, I'm in that state of inner turbulence and yet...

The theme, intention was 'abundance' - shiny, thrivy, lively - inside, out and throughout.

For me this resulted in a shift - a significant one too.

As many of you are aware my mum died only 2 months ago, and despite her age, it came as a massive shock. I've lived, loved and lost - a lot - throughout my life, this though was beyond all that, bringing up no end of stuff once more that is having to settle into place once again. Last night it was like a dark emptiness was doing its rounds. It's still in there, I can feel it, but it's like it has nowhere to go, nowhere to settle. And the message that rang out loud and clear was

'Last night's session brought home my need, realisation, understanding for time out - I'm talking proper time out - to fill up from a grass roots level with everything that endures - all the good stuff that is there, here and everywhere, no matter what.'

I'm fortunate to have a lot of good stuff in my life, bizarrely though, one such good thing is what I do - my business... So yes, a different sort of time out!

So, what is it, this thing that is good for me - and you too - inside, out and throughout?

What do I do?

Change and turbulence go hand in hand and my life's work has been and will always be helping people through theirs. Clearing inside, out and throughout, making free, full living space for you to be yourself, to shine and thrive with all you are, all you have and all life has to offer.

Who is it for?

Lots of different circumstances and situations, here's some:

Anyone who is ready for a shift.

Anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety and fear.

Anyone who is torn.

Anyone with a life change looming or is in the midst of shock or life change.

Anyone who is stuck.

Anyone amidst turbulence.

If you are any of these, do please get in touch, if I can't help I might just know someone who can.

How is it done?

Whilst the writing can help through the less arduous times, Reiki and Transformational Therapy make real changes happen.

Where do I do this?

Writing - website, social media, blogs, soon to be published self-help book

Reiki - in person only.

Transformational Therapy - online, in person, 1 to 1, groups or workshops

What's the Price?

You pay what's right for you on the day

That's right, we finally got there - the price is right for you - whatever is right for you on the day.


to stay in the loop,

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here’s what’s happening this week…

Global Reiki Circle – totally free and always will be was phenomenal, the next one is quite a time away, on Sunday 13th June at 8 pm UK time

Join our Facebook Group here for links to this monthly event where you’ll find preparation guidance.

The online workshops have all gone a bit quiet just now... happy to take time out here. There's still life to be had though in getting more 'less stressed, more living' out into the real world through workshops and - in person!

I realise I can't be everywhere, so still open to travel (when allowed) and do online classes too.

Email for more information.

… prefer ditching your stress for good 1 to 1?

phone Pat on 07737 196 669

... still not sure?

click the link to book a complementary 30 min call back

above all,

be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full

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