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Love is in the air...

January is past and up here in the northern hemisphere the lighter days entice nature's sap to the surface. Yes, we have yet another year of respite. Despite all the hassle we give it, nature is providing another glimpse of its potential... It does beg the question though - just how long do we have... to continue being a drain on what is our most natural, and when we encourage it, its self-sustaining splendour?

Our more natural world, indeed, our more natural selves need our help, and it does get some - lots even. However, the onslaught of the extractive remains stronger, more persistent and present than ever.

The rise of mechanical industry gave rise to the more aesthetic, the arts and crafts, art nouveau and conservation. On a more aggressive political level, luddites fought their cause... and still the problems persist.

What do we need to live, love and laugh well?

- Clean air and water

- Good nutrition

- Shelter and warmth

- Outlet for activities that suit our nature

It's that last one, outlets for activities that suit our nature - that's where our problems arise - the world is just not big enough. It's like we needed the rise in technology to keep us contained in our boxes, as the world is just not big enough for us to be and do as it suits us best.

The best we can achieve is a healthy, reasonably happy balance

I remember back in Uni a professor encouraged me to undertake research into aspiration. She couldn't understand why people like me - I know, just let that slide, wouldn't aspire to achieve more. A case in point was a past student who had achieved his degree "only to take up work" maintaining the grounds. She couldn't understand his lack of ambition, nor mine for that matter. Needless to say I left her to wallow in her own ignorance.

Mediocrity is okay

In fact mediocrity is more than okay. As far as achieving balance is concerned, the number one goal is: satisfaction.

Most of us in the west have no clue what it feels like to be hungry. This isn't a bad thing. However, as life is inherently dissatisfying, not being hungry gives rise to other hungers, thirsts and needs.

You see we've blurred, distorted, even cut ourselves off from that natural connection to the planet. It's that strength of connection that's lacking - the one where we live with the planet, hunting, gathering and feeding ourselves, as well as the social element of doing so as a community. It's still in there, part of who and what we are, just entangled in what we've become. In so being we have become insatiable.

It is sooooo time to heal. We're not that bad a lot really you know. Of course we can be a whole lot better, but we really do need proper healing, recovery and recuperation.

Step 1 - Get into and re-enliven your connections with nature

We all know don't we just how universally beneficial is time spent in nature. We just know it's good to be out in the great outdoors. However, very few realise that it's nature that's doing the hard yards in providing the benefit. Bonkers as we are, we take it for granted - worse still, when we put the hard yards down to ourselves - turning our most precious time with nature into personal achievement.

I can almost hear nature sighing at our nonsense. Obviously not all are like this. I see those who just 'get it' as well.

A study out of Exeter University (i) revealed that time in nature is universally beneficial. No matter our ethnicity, religion, race, whatever - we all benefit from being in nature... for a minimum of 2 hours every week.

To get the most out of it, we must do so whilst untangling our egos.

Step 2 - Rest. A lot

As you might be able to imagine, having spent as long as we have overriding all these beneficial forces in life for as long as we have, it will take time and space to untangle effectively. You must have noticed yourself just how much you fill your life with so much nonsense, it's no small wonder we're bonkers!

Our bodies yearn to be at one with the whole of life... let go and let it.

Just do it - take a breather - all the better when you're on top of your game and can communicate excusing yourself with confidence... you can make it even more enjoyable by making it your little secret.

"peace, love and happiness go hand in hand, understanding emerges in its own sweet time - let it."

Step 3 - Let go of having to know... everything

We train our brain to know. Bless it, we overwork it, yes even though we've outsourced most of the mundane information keeping to technology, once trained to learn and know stuff, it's really difficult not to. As woowoo as it may sound to some of you still, the benefits of meditation are life changing, especially as there are sooooo many ways of introducing into your life (ii)

Meditation in the great outdoors is super for becoming at one with everything once more... and breathe... enjoy just being alive and living.

Step 4 - Get your hands dirty

We never really reconnect with our nature until we get up close and personal. Only then can we begin to get a glimpse at its phenomenality. Only then can we begin to enjoy our own.

A friend of mine champions the importance of soil in life, and an article in The Independent (iii) shows exactly why nature is central to a happy, healthy life - its inherent in all we are and it feels good to get back to our roots.

The planet is our home and underneath all the entanglement we oh so know this. It's good to reconnect with all those things that endure no matter what... and yes, the planet is struggling and needs us to wake up to giving it a hand with all the stuff that makes it thrive.

All life is circular - what goes around comes around... nature's life has its challenges anyway, let's be better placed to rise and be present in those more challenging times...

We can thrive together.

News on the Living First front

It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, near or far - I tailor therapies to suit you and your circumstances. However, I do strip things back to grassroots level living, mother Earth and all that, so if that's not for you - I fare thee well.

Here's how:

The Practice - work with me 1 to 1

Do you sometimes feel something's missing from your life, or you know you need help, but don't know why or where to go?

Let's make 2022 the year you set yourself up for a life of abundance - out with everything and anything that's holding you back.

Apparently, astrologically 2022 is a good year to set yourself up well from the ground up. However, it does have its challenges in the form of naughty Uranus - should be fun!

Online or in person - you choose !

Any Readers out there?

Wakey, Wakey !

Yay ! More sold, a review, and personal feedback is really good. And they're not just being kind, the book is actually being useful. One lady said she had been in a bit of a thing, picked up the book, "Ah yes, there it is," clearing whatever it was that was causing the whatever it was! She turned, looked me straight in the eyes and with a twinkle in hers said, "Clever, very clever." Then within a few hours a friend announced, "I love your book", with so much emphasis on the love I was stumped and lost my thread entirely. I didn't even know she'd bought it! Or wanted to for that matter.

"A must have on every bookshelf"

Love it!

Click here to get your copy.

2022's writing project is already on the way... you know the one - for the 25s to mid-lifers in preparation for living the other side of mid life really, really well... more shining and thriving. I know midlife when you're 25 is a million lives away. However, an early set up is a set up for life - an adventurous one too!

And remember, I did the hard yards and let me tell you - it is most decidedly overrated ! - give yourself a break... let me help.

Global Reiki Circle... 13th February, 2022

Yes, tonight's the night!

A fundamental element in healing... spreading the love, light and good wishes further afield...

The theme for 2022 is setting our spirits free, in the spirit of,

wishes that are true bear the sweetest fruit

with a specific theme for each month - tonight's is for self-nurture... through the lights, darks and all shades in between.

Ahhh.... so necessary...

Somehow doing so whilst taking time out from everything else, sharing space on a spiritual plain with like-ish-embodied souls makes it happen... without having to do anything more, other than bringing yourself back to self, Earth and everything.

I love this process, and yes, as and when the magical is alive and living through you, life can be truly magical.

To take part in this gorgeous for everything shiny and thrivy circle

Click here to go to the event and book through Facebook... no pressure, no fee and always will be.

Click here to stay in the loop and join our Facebook Group

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No matter where you travel, no matter how - I wish you love, light, 100% presence, fun and laughter

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