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May 2020 - Global Reiki Circle

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope this finds you well.

It’s nearly that time again for Living First’s monthly Global Distance Reiki session #reikicirclearoundtheworld

Last month’s visualisation was realised and long may it live!

Living First's vision was shared by the UK Reiki Federation Facebook page admin as well as many others... namaste

Together we gathered as a circle of Reiki Practitioners and Masters alike, in our own place from our own space, prepared in our own way to channel beautiful Reiki energy throughout the world to wherever it was needed. The whole world, just as it was, soaking up all the good vibes, immersed in all it offers, breathing it in, around and throughout. A soft smile forming... of peace, contentment, clarity and wisdom. Please join us once more this coming on Sunday, 10th May at 8pm UK time.

Whether this is your time to channel or receive, all I ask is that you help keep this event alive through to the end of Covid-19 and beyond by showing you are interested or going to future events.

Remember to set your alarms for 10 mins before. There is more information on the event itself, as well as preparation advice in the Discussion. As always, always be well-hydrated before time and allow the 10 minutes or so to get comfortable. Any questions... ask away

(I also do private 1 to 1 Distant Reiki – message me for details)

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