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Merry Christmas !?!

Business is closed, but the lines remain open.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...

Not a merry time for everyone.

I don't 'do it' as such, but I love, love, love - cherish and relish the gentler, warmer and gladdier tidings that fill the air this time of year... on the paths less trodden...

It was quite a few years ago now that I realised Christmas wasn't just for Christmas - the giving, sharing, caring is such an innate part of being human - well, for some of us anyway - why limit it to just a few days a year !

For some, Christmas isn't just for Christmas... it's a way of living

And oh boy do we love to be giving, sharing and caring - sprinkled with a little joy, we sparkle.

Should your sparkle fade and turn to stress this holiday season, there's no need to stress alone...

... reach out, let it out and let it go.

So yes, Merry Christmas to you for now, for Christmas and all time to come... x

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Global Reiki Circle... 9th January, 2022

We're growing, growing, growing naturally and organically... spreading the love, light and good wishes further afield...

Magic was the theme for last month... who knows what's in store for next month...

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No matter where you roam, I wish you love, light, delight, 'knowing'

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