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April 2020 - New Monthly Global Reiki Circle

Hello beautiful souls,

I do hope you are all well and doing as best as you can in these strange times.

In light of all that is happening just now, I've changed the format of this event and would like as many of you as possible to be part of it.

I'm visualising a circle of Reiki Practitioners and Masters alike. Gathering together in their own place from their own space, prepared in their own way to channel our beautiful, healing Reiki energy throughout the world to wherever it is needed most.

The whole world, just as you are, soaking up all the good vibes, immersing yourself in all it offers, breathing in, around and throughout.

A soft smile forming... of peace and inner wisdom

It is this coming Sunday, 12th April at 8pm BST - set your alarms for 10 mins before, more details on the event itself.


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