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Hi all,

So, what's this article about?


Yes, fun, play, happy distraction! One of the many, many aspects of living a human life, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough... errr... without the stress of course ;-)

In my realm of holism, this means that your playfulness remains alive and living throughout: the body, person, life and living. Yes, even in the most dire of circumstances.

So, for all you guys who sit through meetings bored, slowly dying, waiting for it to end - here's how to be #aliveandliving throughout.

As always, be prepared and make sure you know what's on the agenda for you. Now, open yourself to honing in on all that whilst letting all the other stuff flow happily over and melt away.

Before the appointed time, maybe 15 minutes or so, loosen up and have a giggle, letting all those happy and bubbly juices flow.

Then, make sure you have something to keep you happily occupied through the boring bits, and you'll be just as bright and raring to go when it all comes to an end... which it will, and much sooner than you think.


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