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Hello gorgeous people, here's wishing all is well with you and yours... and yes, apologies to those on the email list - 2 posts in 2 days - poor timing on my part.

Couldn't not post about this though, yes, it's nearing time for our monthly #reikicirclearoundtheworld .

For those new to this phenomenon, it is a gathering of Reiki Masters and Practitioners, channelling our beautiful healing energy to wherever it is needed.

If you are joining us to receive, there is preparation advice on the event itself, click here and you will be taken to Facebook. Also, whilst there is no need to have your wishes known, please do so in the comments if this works best for you.

Pop it in your calendar - Sunday, 14th June 8pm UK time,

Looking forward to being with you all once more and to hearing all about your experiences.


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