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Soooo many farewells...

The farewells began before we knew we were going... when we ran the possibility by Martin's mother, my minlaw and friend Jackie,

"Go for it!"

A joyful, fearless celebration of life's possibilities rolled up into the prospect of adventure. The powerful emotion popped whatever potential stoppers were in place... the option to go had been given green lights all the way.

Of course, there was all the other stuff of life, loves and realities with which to live... and we did - together, but what a beautiful thing to do... a beautiful woman and mother gifting her son his world of possibility.

Thank you Jackie, you have always been, and continue to be a star x

And then the rollercoaster of farewells began....

Friends, family, buddies, neighbours colleagues - always tricky... sadness, joyful and all points between.

Stuff - loads of stuff again ! Car boot sale, charity shops, giveaways... economics is a complicated beast... sometimes with a heart of gold.

The golf clubs delivered yet again. Phoned the local golf range, and yes they were interested - would even sell them for us... already a bonus! We rocked up and mentioned that we wouldn't mind giving them away... to, well, you know....

"Well, there's one woman... and she's here now." Not ones to let a opportunity to go a-knocking unanswered, we went to have a chat. A lovely couple, salt of the earth. He played and was teaching her how to... with his clubs!

"Try these." Immediate improvement 👏 👏👏 yes, despite the three of us standing, watching and giving her tips !

"So, is golf something you're interested in playing?"

Her "yes," said it all...

"they're yours." I said, filling with joy to overflowing. Beautiful 😍

And then there was the special stuff...

The Water Rower... a beautiful and amazingly useful (rowing sorted my dodgy knee) ingenious bit of kit. Bought at the end of the last Century, it had travelled with us to and back from Australia once. Since then we'd found sailing and minimalistion. Still it was tough to let go. Facebook Marketplace to the rescue, and off it went to a good home.

The piano soon followed to a lovely lady whose friend had promised himself on graduation to learn how to play. Yes, that was one of those beautifully synchronistic, has to happen, magical experiences 💖 read more about it here.

Then came the properly tricky letting go... our gorgeous mini 😍 and that my friends is a whole other story...

I may be moving to the other side of the world, but I'm not going anywhere... x

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