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Z is for...

Z is for Zen


Beyond all ken,

yet enwrapped, immersed, submerged and interspersed within it.

It is life, it is pure, it is beauty, it is grace, it is light, it is alive, it is joy

Zen is whole

Zen is one

Zen is one in an holistic whole

Zen is one wholly in the zone.

I love everything Japanese. That’s a big statement, too big really – I should say, I love some things Japanese.

I love Reiki, their art, their joy, their forests, their grace, their simplicity, their attention to detail, their expertise and subtlety of passion for getting things just so.

From Samurai warriorship, sashimi, carpentry, teapot making, traditional tatami flooring on which to sleep – even stony pillows, their ryokans with community bathing and showering, minimalism and phenomenal use of space.

It’s the quiet respect for everything and nothing that’s infused within – it’s zen.

Zen is for all

How's your Zen?

Take a look at this video:

It shows a level of mastery, precision, beauty, artistry and grace – oneness. This level of human existence is alive in all humans – we each have moments of vital connection to that experience of oneness; when we are in the zone.

You too were born to shine and thrive... how's your art of living your life?

If this particular video doesn’t move you, open yourself to attract and be with whatever does.

… and here’s what to do… when you find yourself smiling, radiating throughout:

Open your senses, loosening them, breathing life in, out and all around,

allowing any tensions to disperse in their own sweet way,

Experience being whole, being one, being one of the whole.

Appreciate, enjoy, allowing it to spread throughout,

Relaxing, calming, softening and opening, a gentle smile forming.

Live and breathe it – be at one.


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