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U is for...

U is for Universe, Universal & Universality

Being universal is a bit weird, because we are just that – Universal... and there’s no getting your head around it.

Rather, being at peace with everything you are.

Yes, you are universal… and so much more…

‘In the zone’ is the closest I can get to describe being universal. Have you ever experienced it? It’s like there are no edges, no friction, no conflict… green lights all the way – inside, out, throughout - we are of the Universe, living and breathing universality; universal.

When we're not 'in the zone' we still remain universal, just not 'at one' with it.

It's like those moments of clarity, clear running, there's no stopping us now, are snapshots of amazingness that tell us there's a whole heap of life beyond ourselves... that is also ourselves.

The tricky bit is to do with the fact that all life is affected by every single effect of every single Universal Change.

The whole of life is ‘of the Universe’, spawned of life itself into a form; an existence. Living, that is, the act of being alive and living is really quite beautiful, some might say, heavenly.

There is no ‘how to’ to this one – it just happens.... and, if you're anything like me, the 'oh my goodness – how do I even begin to live now!' happens soon afterwards.

It's euphoric, mind-blowingly so and the ultimate pleasure of infinite connectivity.

In amongst all of that is you living your life (for real!), dreaming your dreams, making our future.

Here’s how to be when universality hits home:

Just be, soak it all in, around and throughout. Panic not (although this might be difficult – just let that be too), allowing yourself to immerse in it all, be embraced by it wholistically, embracing it all, calming, relaxing, loosening and melting, clearing and renewing your connections to your wholistic self, life and everything else.

Yes, it is the ultimate in letting go.

Being and breathing as softly, gently as you like (or can), welcoming in this new phenomenal phenomenon into the whole of you, everything that endures no matter what, your essence, past, presence, potential and future.

Closing your eyes and, if possible drifting off into a gentle slumber.

Yes, be with

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