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T is for...

T is for Transformation

Had to be didn’t it!

We morph, we change, we live, experience our lives and adapt: every moment of every day we are transforming.

Some things suit, some do not, others are neither here nor there.

When experiencing the first we’re given respite to be ourselves, living a life that suits us wholistically - at that point in time.

If our lives were being filmed and those frames frozen in time, they might be witnessed as someone just being themselves, blending in well, natural and playing their part to the full in the whole with ease. Quite bizarre really, when in reality we are living at an optimum. I say, 'an' optimum, as, of course, there are many.

That said, in amongst all the noise and hullabaloo of the rest of life happening, these momentary threads of peace, tranquillity, serenity, wholeness, fullness and oneness are predominantly ignored, overlooked – sometimes even by ourselves. Whereas to ourselves, as someone experiencing living at its best, those moments are the most precious.

There is nothing else more precious… and on some level we all benefit from you being so - from you being just so…

Here's how:

Next time this happens, take another moment out, enjoying the sensations the experience brings, breathing them all around and throughout.

Loosening, untangling, freeing yourself of unnecessary ties.

Opening yourself to abundance

Connecting with, engaging, experiencing and benefitting from the mere act of just being with new, renewing living circularities.

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