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Q is for...

Q is for Qigong

Qigong, pronounced Chi kung was an wholistic ‘find’ for me during Lockdown 3.

The Chi is the key.

Each move a combination of grounding, centring, nature, yoga, relaxation, meditation, meridian cleansing, posture, movement, expression, spirituality, martial arts and health – what’s not to love!

I’ve now been practising with Br Insight (Thich Man Tue) and his classes on YouTube since about the middle of January - it’s perfect for me… for my vibe, and in particular, my physicality.

Yes, it suits me. All round, and, of course – inside, out and throughout.

It's great to have this level of expertise in your life - BTW this video

... and ones like it are a particular favourite - because they are quiet.

By connecting with its possibilities at this level helps me welcome it into my day in every way… there’s something about this level of expertise that just does it for me. It somehow weaves its way through me on a subconscious level – I’m better for it and it’s a hassle-free joy.

Have you found that something really special through this pandemic?

Why not give Qigong a go?

Or get in touch and we'll find your thing?

Or, if you'd rather find your own boat floater.

Here’s how:

Open yourself to the possibility of welcoming in activities that float your own particular boat inside, out and throughout whilst letting go of everything that stops this from happening.

As always, nice and slow, as gently and organically as is possible.

Take your time, bringing a little joy into the process and it will soon become a new lifelong and life-enhancing partnership.


to stay in this particular lifelong, life-enhancing partnership,

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