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P is for Patience

I happened upon a beautiful insight – a sparkling of recognition of an idea in amongst the words of Joyce Meyer regarding Patience,

'Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting'

That is so true isn’t it! Don’t we just know when others are being patient! It’s in their presence, calm assuredness that is somehow reassuring to be around.

And yes, don’t we also know when others are being impatient!

However, as I'm sure you are more than well aware by now, things in life are just not that crystal clear cut, are they! Sometimes I can appear to be as cool and calm as a fresh slice of English cucumber on a summer’s day, when in reality inside, I’m racing around like a crazy thing. Yes, looks, and behaviours can be deceptive.

Patience is more than a virtue

Patience, is an wholistic way of living - being ‘in the zone’, resonating throughout with everything around and about. However, just like any other way of being, we can make into too much of a thing. Instilled, too fixed, leading in time to conflict inside and out. Yes, all forms of impatience: stress, anxiety, worry and fear!

Whenever things begin to grate, conjuring turmoil inside, it’s time to bring yourself back to basics – your basics with life's basics – all the things of you that endure no matter what, inside, out and throughout.

Here’s How:

Open yourself to realising when you’re losing your cool as safely, organically, calmly and as easily as is possible. That’s right, there really is no need to make hard work of this living better stuff. Then, as gently as it arises, allow the clearing it brings to do its rounds, all round, inside, out and throughout.

Once realised, next time you happen upon someone who is being properly patient, that is, equally assured and reassuring, stay awhile, being with. Relaxing and calming in their presence, loosen as much as is possible without forcing a thing, grounding, centring allowing your good vibes to flow, allowing that sense of being reassured resonate throughout yourself. Immerse yourself awhile, soaking in this, your newer, calmer, more assured and reassuring space, breathing, living, being and letting it spread throughout. Move around, letting it flow into all your nooks and crannies, stretching, moving, have a bit of a wibble and a wobble, bringing yourself back to being more of yourself… cooler, calmer, more confident, assured and reassuring.


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