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V is for Vibe

Being your vibe isn’t something to find, learn or work out – it’s something that just is.

Your vibe is you being you – the real you – the you who knows you are being yourself – inside, out and throughout.

Somethings about your vibe…

It has to be pleasant – there’s a rightness about it, a clear brightness that hits all the right spots just so – nourishing your soul.

Your vibe changes with situations and circumstances – as you transform so too does your vibe. It’s like your wholeness is a cocktail of energies – a vortex of living gloop that is undeniably connected to, and affected by the whole of everything else. Yet also a totally unique recipe, which in turn has its effects on everything else.

There’s things that resonate, things that don’t and a whole heap of other stuff in between.

Some things rankle, others just soak all the way through, just be aware that there’s learning, developing, growing to do.

Here’s how to be (more of) your vibe:

If you haven’t already done so, open yourself to abundance, part of which is you being your vibe.

Freeing yourself, let go of everything and anything that might be stopping it from happening.

Then, when things do ‘hit the spot’ – enjoy, allowing the sensations to spread throughout…

Little by little, and as gently as you like begin to allow yourself to discern, quite organically, between those that nourish and things that drain. Welcoming in more of the former and letting go the latter, letting them go on their way.

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