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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

W is for Want

‘Getting what you want isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’

A phrase I've heard many times in my life... I just want to say... it can be, as long as it is an wholistic want.

So where does a want come from?

It’s like a direct link from the guts to the mouth… a baby’s ‘Mwah!’ becomes, 'I want!'

Yes, super, fine in a baby expressing itself in that way – top marks. However, not so attractive in an adult – when it turns into demands that demand to be satisfied.

The Mwah! Has its place. It’s a natural wholistic reaction and as such must be respected, appreciated, heard and responded to. However, we can fall prey to getting our way this way... as well as letting others get their way too.

To progress beyond our own Mwah! Requires that we open ourselves to hearing our own – with an open honesty.

A story:

When we, my husband and I began to make this last move, we had no idea it was happening. Yes, apparently Devon and the Sea had been on the cards for some time, but they were so deeply buried in our subconscious we had no clue – nobody did. So it was all a bit of a shock when one thing led to another and we found ourselves travelling around this way, reaching Dartmouth and getting an immediate connection to it. Quite disconcerting in many ways. It was totally foreign and yet… Our second visit confirmed it – for me at least – I didn’t want to leave.

My reaction to this unconscious want being satisfied was bizarrely foreign. You see I wasn’t brought up to have my wants satisfied – I was brought up to be grateful – for the food on our table, the clothes on our back and the roof over our heads. When I was warm, had shelter and food readily-ish available, I was satisfied – what more could I want! So yes, this level of satisfaction was totally alien to me yet something I could not ignore – I felt at home and I wanted to settle here.

One thing led to another and within a year we had moved. During which time many things appeared on our wish/want list. Little did we know the essence of which was our souls crying out to be at home, to be settled (and not) being and doing all the things that make us come alive.

So, yes, let your wants, wishes, desires, fantasies, dreams and imaginings have ‘their airing’, express themselves, letting them go as freely as you like, off into the ether.

It’s like when you are being true to yourself, the Universe, Nature, Your Nature, you’re aligned with everything… there will be work involved on your part to make things happen – work that, in the long run will be its own reward.

No matter what, when those wants, wishes etc. ring true, they will bear fruit.

Here’s how:

Open to healing your bruises, knocks and scrapes,

Open to being free to be your all,

Open to being the person you like, love, enjoy,

Open to feeling really, really good about being and doing your all,

Open to being your sparkle,

Open to being with sparkles of light that help guide your way, and yes,

Open to being honest, at least with yourself.

W is for Words, Write, Writers and Writing

Writers write to communicate. We may all happen upon words and phrases of others that momentarily ring true, slowly fading into the ether. For most, the ‘ring true’ is reassuring enough, inspiring, enlivening even. Yes, for the most part words ring true or not or are tremendously annoying – torturous even.

When true, they’re a tinkling resonance through happy memories embedded deep in our cells, the bringers of peace and happiness. Gorgeous, beautiful, they are indeed a blessing.

Other times, words resonate so strongly they seem to get stuck in the mind, unable to pass beyond the throat, sending the recipient into a cycle of repeating them word for word. It’s a bizarre, almost robotic cycle of repulsion and acceptance, being spoken as if they are our own, when they are so obviously not. Sometimes words such as these are repeated over and over again intensely, seemingly for fear of them being forgotten, other times, just to fill a convenient gap. Then there are those that resonate like they have a hidden meaning, seemingly impossible to decipher. A potential torture for the puzzling brain. However, one that, should they be let go long enough, becomes a truth revealed: the puzzlers' delight.

For the writer, the words of another writer sound a very different tune. It is true, the message is received. However, it is then sent on a whole other journeying. Into the realms of their own imagination, reality, potential, life’s possibilities… and its realities. For the writer, words are not words in their own right, for the writer, words nourish their soul, taking on a whole new life of their own to emerge as something wondrously morphed, different – their own.

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