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Stress Less Live More !

I can't believe I haven't shared this with you... it sort of just happened!

Ha! That's Living First for you !

Just to let you know the first series is well on its way, and whilst next week's is the 4th in the series, they can be mixed and matched to suit. If you would rather start at the beginning and work through, get in touch, as I will be starting a new series in January 2021 - Yikes!! Contact details are at the bottom of this post.

So, yes, I've put together a lovely series of weekly workshops taking you on a journey of self-rediscovery; enlivening and empowering your uniqueness in the world. Here's a little more about them:

Quality You time – Relaxing, Clearing, Enlivening, Empowering

A series of 10, 2 hour workshops – a step by step approach to addressing current concerns and issues whilst bringing out, being your best and living your life to the full. The aim is to equip you with all you need to live your whole life, the highs, lows and all points in between really, really well, in such a way that suits you best.

All workshops are interactive with general open sessions, group and independent practical exercises and independent reflection.

Each session is split into 4 sections:: a. Whole Body Breathing – grounding, centring, relaxing, calming, melting a little – becoming whole in mind, body, spirit, soul, past, present and future. Clearing and enlivening a different Chakra zone every week b. Who you are – Engaging who you are and where you are at - honestly c. Your Intention – Where you are going – what’s important to you and what you can leave by the wayside d. Visualisations – being all you are and doing all you are able – really well - now and in the future.

We begin with a session on whole body living followed by 7 sessions clearing and enlivening each of the main chakra energy centres. Session 9 is around your uniqueness and we finish with you stepping out into life, better equipped to live yours really well.

Workshops are limited to 12, are £10 each and are currently via Zoom. Bookings are through Eventbrite.

You will need: Good Internet access, the Zoom app, somewhere comfy with room to move freely. BYO your preferred medium of self-expression - notebook, pen, drawing materials, clay - whatever - along with water and refreshments. We will have a break at half time. Let me know if you need any more info and yes, and if you like the sound of it, tell your friends.

Pat Fletcher

Reiki Practitioner & Transformational Therapist

Living First

Conversational and active therapies tailored to you, your life, your future

Available for personal therapy, workshops and talks:

Indoor or Outdoor

Online or In person

1 to 1 or Groups

Tel: 07737 196 669

For more information, book a complementary, exploratory call back:

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