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Volunteers Wanted !

For research into the effectiveness of Angel cards in Living First's Transformational Therapy.

Hi All,

Exciting times!

I set up Living First 3 years ago to transform lives… for the better, and it’s now time to do some proper research!

Here’s a reminder of how I do what I do:

· Re-enlivening magical qualities - the natural, light, fun and spirited - essential for clearing the chaff from the wheat in life.

· Identifying pain and pressure points, resolve those that can be resolved and assure understanding around those that cannot. You'll begin to reap the benefits of living your life free of pressure, stress and insecurity; yes, actually being yourself - essential for unlocking your potential.

· Identifying and exploring pathways that emerge. Here you'll broaden your horizons, deepen knowledge, develop instinct, intuition and perception, hone in on what you are all about - essential for living your one and only beautifully unique life for real.

So, to the research:

This research will be centred on the part Angel cards play in therapy.

Angel cards have played a part on and off ever since Reiki popped onto my radar 8 years ago. Then, over Christmas I was drawn to get some for myself – just as all the shops were closed! I stayed with, let them choose the time, place and space. Since then they have proven to be a hit. Whether in my own personal use or in practice, they always hit the mark, delivering something needed, necessarily enlivening, nurturing and empowering. That extra, ‘je ne sais quoi’. I love them, and many people I’ve worked with love them too. They work.

Like everything Living First, it is all very mystical and magical (without which life would be tediously serious and boring indeed) as well as educational and life transforming… for the better.

There will be two groups of volunteers. One with Angel cards and one without.

To take part:

All you have to do is email to apply, telling me a little about yourself and why you would like to take part. Once in, I’ll ask you to complete the usual pre-therapy background forms. If you are in the Angel card group, I’ll draw your first card on receipt of these, and once a week for the following 12 weeks. From there, all you have to do is tell me all about your experience with the occasional enquiry from me. The process is the same for those in the non-Angel card group, without the Angel card drawing.

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