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Apologies for the temporary glitch in services - all bugs have been sent scurrying and normal services resumed...

So, what's happening with you...?

A friend of mine reminded me of the amount of stress out there in the world of work. And yes, I needed that reminder...

When I was in that life, I was just in it: living, getting through, doing my best, doing some more, coping, etc. etc. It's just not right, but what can you do...?

For the most part we just get sucked into it... a seamless continuation of what came before... we have lives to live, lives to build our children, food needed on the table, roofs over our heads and clothes on our backs... then there's the future. We have to be right now this minute and for whatever the future holds... on top of which, when you look out into the wider world...

The problem is we get sucked into that world thinking that's it, that is life in its entirety.

That world of mine collapsed.

Up until my sister died, it was like work delivered what I needed - it was fun, adventurous, kept me on my toes. It's true, I enjoyed it. However, I was never really 'me' in that life. Yes, I was a version of me, but that me was disconnected, cut off from what makes me me come alive. The point is that whilst in that world of work, I didn't know what was properly fulfilling for me... and any dreams I did have were mere pipe dreams... it is sooooo easy to limit yourself in this way!

What to do...?

I want to tell you something:

Right now, at this point in time you are doing your absolute best - you are doing everything you possibly can.

Now, if whatever it is you are doing is causing you to stifle your dreams, maybe even feel unsafe, stressed or anxious...? Something is missing.

How can anything be missing..., right !? Your life's chocker-full already, and there's certainly no room for anything else... is she having a laugh...?

No, I'm not. When there's something missing, life has a dreadful habit of filling the gaps - with anything. We fill up ourselves and our lives with stuff and nonsense... within that mix is that something else - your life's potential, maybe giving a frown or worse still beating you up!

It's a mess isn't it... and that's where I come into the mix. You might think you've not got time for this, but once you begin... what can I say - life changes... for the better.

All you have to do is to get your future on track is to click the link and book a 30 min appointment

News on the Living First front

A late blog this week - once winter cold stopped play out in the real world, it meant that I was able to finalise The Alphabet and get it loaded onto Amazon ! Woo bloomin' hoo !

They say that writing is the easy bit, and in a way it's true. Whilst the writing takes effort, etc. etc., for the most part it writes itself, whereas all the manmade stuff of technological frameworks takes a whole other skill to navigate. Still lots happening elsewhere too...

The Practice - working with me 1 to 1

Online or in person - you choose !

to book an in-person donation-only session phone:

Totnes Natural Health Centre: 01803 864 587


Me: 07737 196 669

for private sessions (leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can)


Click here to book a complementary 30 min call back

The Writing...

It's done ! Well and truly published and out there !

Exciting stuff... and yes, all by 1st December!

Wakey, Wakey ! Alphabet of Living (the way your nature intends)

Massive, huge, gy-normous thank yous to Martin Fletcher, Margaret Platt, Alison Jones and the Totnes Library Writers group to name but a few who inspired and nourished my way xx

Buy, buy, buy...

Yes, click here to buy your copy - or lots of copies :-D

Soooooo, what's next on the writing front... the booklet's whirring away in the background and continues to have weird and wonderful effects on me... all related to its subject matter - very nice !

A word about publishing - I like it! There's something intensely satisfying to seeing something develop from idea through to final copy... and then to gently let it fly away.

My piece de resistance waiting in the wings. It's one for the 25s to mid-lifers in preparation for living the other side of mid life really, really well... more shining and thriving.

The Global Reiki Circle... 12th December

Yes, it's widening... Unbeknownst to me last month one of our group tagged into a whole other healing group - how cool is that...?

We're growing, growing, growing naturally and organically... spreading the love, light and good wishes further afield...

Would you like to take part in this gorgeous for everything shiny and thrivy circle?

Click here to go to the event and book through Facebook... no pressure, no fee and always will be.

click here to stay in the loop and join our Facebook Group

above all,

be safe, be sure, and no matter what, be you


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