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O is for...

O is for Open

I’m sure by now you would have noticed I use this word a lot,

‘open yourself…’

This is because, complicated as we are, we acquire habitual states and ways of being to help us through the complexities of living a human life.

You’ve heard the phrase of wearing a number of hats, well, this alludes to some of the habits we acquire along the way. These may be for home, work, play as well as ones for different circumstances within those environments or for being with different people. All of that swapping and changing who and what we are and when – switching from one version of ourselves to another affects who and what we really are on a fundamental level - the person we know we are and feel good about being. The problem is, the more hats we wear, the more we lose our fundamental sense of self.

This process of switching creates a patterning, closing ourselves off from inherent adaptability.

Hence the need to open…

The problem is, being patterned affects everything: personality, character, even stops us from feeling and there is very little we can do about it. Whilst these patterned ways of being don’t suit us, or maybe only suit us in the short-term, we become stuck, because our activities, behaviours, tone, vibe and language etc. become normalised, expected even, not only by ourselves, but also by others.

Being stuck also means losing freedom of movement, sensitivity and senses to our whole life experience – inside, out and throughout, affecting our whole life and life quality.

The key to stepping out of these closed, patterned ways of being is to open yourself to being your whole self. That’s right, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

Here’s How:

Being closed manifests as being defensive, and the first step to becoming open once more is recognising those seemingly self-defensive behaviours, actions and interactions.

Open yourself to recognise when you have been defensive. Obviously, there are those times when the threat is real. However, there will be those other times when there is no threat at all. Whilst the former will be understandable and the latter not, just let yourself be.

The mere act of recognising your defences are in play indicates that things are on the move, your personal transformation is underway, and you will be changing inside, out and throughout.

Let yourself be as gentle and self-nurturing as you like, relishing all you are and all you will be – strengthening in your openness to change and breathing the lusciousness of this beautiful human quality, inherent adaptability, all around, inside, out and throughout.

And yes, whilst allowing yourself to enjoy realising those inconvenient truths as and when they arise… you’ll be surprised at just how forgiving life, and people can be.

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