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C is for Core

Inner resources have a good name, they are seen as a good thing and applauded. However, it is a little known fact that a stressful or challenging life can build inner resources that are unsustainable.

‘… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’

has its limitations.

What we’re not told is those inner resources, resolve, resilience etc. can also disconnect us from ourselves, life and everything in it, stymying growth, development and personal progress. Constrained in this way, from the inside out, the person also contracts away from life, and continues to do so on a self-limiting cycle – again, from the inside out.

Free the core!

Yes, freeing the core is the key to liberating the whole – body, heart, mind, spirit and soul.

Here’s how:

The core is your essence that resides throughout. However, it can be most felt, experienced through engaging the Chakra. Each Chakra provides a different flavour – its own unique signature that adds its own ingredient to the recipe that is the whole of your essence. The main ones are: the Crown providing senses of clarity; Third Eye, insight, foresight and intelligence; Throat, presence, voice and identity; Heart, of course, love; Solar Plexus, appreciation and joy; Sacral, nurturing and the Base, Nature and your Nature. It is a truly amazing phenomenon that is the stuff of vitality: all the stuff of being alive and living.

'... the soul knows'

Let the words resonate throughout whilst breathing life in, around and throughout. Very often just a gentle acknowledgement of having such a beautiful aspect such as an essence is sufficient to begin untangling, loosening, relaxing and clearing any areas of pressure, tension, stress or fear.

Whilst doing so, allow your vitality to sparkle into life, spreading throughout, remaining as loose and free to your life’s possibilities as is possible.

It’s very easy to get caught up in thoughts and feelings. Wherever possible let them be just what they are, spreading throughout without getting caught up anywhere along their way. Sometimes, we can do nought else but get caught up in them and that’s okay too. The worst possible thing is to get yourself in a tangle of beating yourself up. Even so, should this happen, yes, you’re getting to know the drill, let this be just what it is too.

No matter what, treat yourself with kindness, be gentle, as those more kindly juices ease the flow.

As and when allow yourself to enjoy being alive and living. No fanfare, just the slightest of acknowledgements with a gentle nod to the wise, allowing a soft smile to form from deep within.


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here’s what’s happening this week…

Global Reiki Circle – oh my goodness, what a pearler! It was like being held for the whole of eternity - such a blessing to be able to share these healing gifts.

Workshops - Things are moving on the real life versions of Living First workshops... slowly.

I'm still open to travel (when and where allowed), but realise I can't be everywhere, so still available online via zoom too.

Email for more information.

I've also made inroads into volunteering my services at the local natural health centre. I met with the centre's manager today and we both felt we were a good fit for each other - yay! - shan't know until 16th when I meet the committee - wish me luck!

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be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full


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