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B is for Beauty

Beauty is edgeless symmetry that dwells momentarily in the beholder. It is in those oh so special moments that we too are living in a state of edgeless symmetry; our innate beauty is alive and living.

We respond in many ways when confronted by life’s beauties. Like everything pleasantly surprising, they pop up out of nowhere when we least expect it. Making them extraordinarily difficult to live wholistically.

Whilst this state of beauty is a temporary and fleeting gorgeousness, it’s a good one to dip into now and again. It is a warm, sparkly, lush pleasure that sends nourishing vibes throughout. Helping to send those stressy ones on their way, whilst providing rest, healing, recovery, renewal and strengthening throughout.

Be aware this state of beauty, like anything pleasurable can lead to craving, a searching for, a hunting down, following, finding or chasing. As soon as we slip into any of those modes we become edgy.

Beauty is precious indeed, so too are you.

It takes space and lots of it to let it be, and in so being, experience it and let it live throughout.

Here’s How:

What is important to note is beauty’s nourishing factor. Just as you wouldn’t want to rush anything of any depth of pleasure, these moments of beauty are to be savoured.

Allow yourself to take in these words and, when all’s well, signal yourself to be, enjoy and be abundant in all the gorgeousness you are.

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here’s what’s happening this week…

Therapies, workshops etc - Things have moved on the return to real life therapies... slowly.

Inroads have been made into partnering with a local charity, the Totnes Natural Health Centre – woohoo!

All are still available online via zoom too.

Everything, of course ;-) changes from day to day - phone Pat: 07737 196 669 for more information, leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Global Reiki Circle – ad hoc ones are continuing and sometimes in the strangest of places - I do wonder sometimes! No matter what, it's all fab.

The next official one is some time away yet, Sunday, 11th July at 8 pm UK time.

... still not sure?

click the link to book a complementary 30 min call back

above all,

be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full

... late breaking news...

as this series of Living Stuff draws to its close, I'm beginning to turn my attention to its review for publication. So, my dear friends, over to you - how would you like to read the whole thing from Z through to A? There is a catch, I will be asking you for your feedback - specifically regarding its form, content and flow - in a nutshell, as a self-help book - where it does and doesn't do its job.

leave a message or text, 'Book Review' and I'll get back to you as soon as I can:

Pat 07737 196 669


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