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M is for...

M is for... Moments for Melting Mindsets

The human brain loves a pattern, or so they say…

Now this is fine as long as we, our mind, body, soul etc remains loose, open with a good deal of free, full living space, as this ensures mindsets formed are purely temporary. All of which helps us, our mind, body, soul etc remain fluid.

'Oh what a tangled web we weave...' Sir Walter Scott

... a state we can fall into through the mere act of living as best we can.

Problems arise, as always when physiological fixations are formed. In respect of mindsets, fixations arise when beliefs, theories, opinion, associations, language etc. become all-encompassing truths. Such mindsets provide a sense of self that falls short of the person's whole, full and potential story.

As far as our brain, mind, senses and intelligences are concerned, this means we close the circle. We close our circle and in so doing close ourselves to the rest of life.

Further problems arise due to reality generated by mindsets, the gaps between these and reality and how those gaps are filled. Whilst there is, of course, a limit to which we can effectively fill those gaps, our ability to do so is enormous. To further complicate matters, as is our way, these fillers take many forms: we make up sense that is on the whole, nonsense, we blame, justify, punish, submit, give up, seek revenge.

In fact we do almost anything to return to a sense of peace, completion, wholeness – peace of mind, body, spirit and soul – albeit temporary.

Further, more problems arising through our negotiating and navigating those of others... as well as our own.

Hence the need for a good dose of Moments for Melting Mindsets, all round.

Yes, the brain takes on an enormous amount of strain.

The beauty of Moments for Melting Mindsets, is that it gives the whole of you a chance to let everything slip away to free up that all important free, full living space – inside, out and throughout… leaving all the good stuff of you and everything else left to reconnect and live another day.

Here’s How:

Sleep is essential, and I’m talking good quality, well ready for a good night’s sleep, sleep is the way to go.

As and when this isn’t happening for you, take a break and have a rest – when you don’t need to

Take time out to let everything go whilst grounding, centring, breathing freely and fully as you possibly can whilst immersing your whole self, and being fully present in the moment works wonders.

This can be helped along with brain melting activities dotted throughout the day, such as silence, immersion in Nature and of course, rest, relaxation, peace sprinkled with those magical qualities of life: birdsong, free joyous laughter, things of natural beauty.

Letting all these things be…

... fully enjoying those precious moments of free, full connectivity with the lusciousness of life they bring – inside, out and throughout.

Being with…

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