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K is for...

K is for...Kuchisabishii

… a uniquely Japanese expression for lonely mouth.

I happened upon this word and immediately connected with what it describes.

A lonely mouth

Our mouths mark our first connection with physical sustenance from outside of ourselves.

Quite bizarrely, I experienced the sensation of a lonely mouth this week. It was getting late in the evening and I had a fancy for something. I could tell the pull wasn’t from my gut – I wasn’t hungry as such, but I needed something.

Some describe kuchisabishii as mindless eating, but for me it goes much deeper. For me, kuchsabishii describes a longing for... and a longing for what cannot be satisfied through food... or anything else for that matter.

Kuchsabishii describes an inner emptiness that is longing to be filled - with being alive and living.

It all stems from our first feed and the fundamentally powerful experience it is. Our first feed is also our first experience of satisfaction, contentment, fullness, one that is a natural, relatively available source of sustenance and so much more. The feeding experience also sparks the connection between 2 lives: the one providing nutrition and the one receiving it, their relationship, future life and living experiences.

Kuchisabishii signals a disconnection from ourselves, our senses, instincts, intuitions – our tools for exploration and experimentation as well as the extent of success achieved. The mouth longs for something, but we can’t know what, so we fill the void with something, possibly through something that’s satisfied before. Should this prove fruitful we experience the sweet taste of success. However, if and when it falls short, we are left lacking.

So yes, a lonely mouth, kuchisabishii goes way beyond the mouth, food and nutrition. Kuchisabishii stems from existential, experiential as well as physiological needs.

Something to 'stay with' awhile.

Here’s how:

As free as you like, being grounded, centred, alive and living without attaching anything to anything, open yourself to all the good stuff of life, inside, out and throughout, gently letting go of everything that makes you less.

Whilst you’re there, allow your mind to have a wander inside, out and throughout… breathing in around and throughout everything that makes you you – that endures no matter what and everything that nourishes.

Beginning to open to appreciate everything you have, because that is everything you do have. This is your starting point, your ground zero. Your body breathing it all inside, out and throughout, breathing life into all the parts other breaths have yet to reach, feeling that sense of appreciation, fullness, satisfaction, contentment, and yes, even happiness, allowing a smile to form.

You've got this.

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