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I is for...

I is for Inspiration

Inspiration can be a tricky beast, especially when we become accustomed to it 'being triggered'.

And yet, when free, alive and living, it's spontaneous, a self-perpetuating innate part of living our lives to the full. And what a beautiful thing it is too.

Here’s how:

Deep, deep down in the recesses of your mind, body and soul…

dwells the core of your essence,

like a universe, spinning, moving, flowing

'tis your source of inspiration

bringing warmth, light and sparkle




Breathing nice and slow,

enjoy it spreading with your flow

gently massaging, messaging as it goes

signalling ah yes, there is life within

A soft smile forming,

maybe even a grin

You are all the inspiration you will ever need

It’s there, in you, deep within.

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here’s what’s happening this week…

due to the tardiness of last week's post - no change here !

Global Reiki Circle – totally free and always will be this coming Sunday 9th May at 8 pm UK time

Join our Facebook Group here for links to this monthly event where you’ll find preparation guidance.

After too long in lockdown, Wholistic Living for REAL – the way your Nature intends workshops are heading out into the real world. Yes, currently checking out a partnership with a local gym/fitness resort. So excited at the prospect of getting more 'less stressed, more living' out into the real world - in person!

I realise I can't be everywhere, so still open to travel (when allowed) and do online classes too.

Email for more information.

… prefer ditching your stress for good 1 to 1?

phone Pat on 07737 196 669

... still not sure?

click the link to book a complementary 30 min call back

above all,

be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full


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